• Lauren Linzenberg

Is networking the new business plan?

Write the business plan. Don’t write the business plan. Go out and network, it’s all in who you know. Pitch your network before venturing outside of it. Hmm…

Is networking the new business plan?

If the majority of our opportunities come from forging genuine connections and being trusted from a single in-person interaction – I know, I know! It sounds crazy! But I can personally attest that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to start MENSC{HR} without a few key contacts whom I met ONCE at a conference – then what weight would a 20-page document hold? In today’s hyper-connected world, we have more and more people – read: successful people – diving headfirst into their passions, their strengths and chasing after what fulfills them, and seeing where it takes them.

I want to digress for a second and note that when I say “successful people,” I’m not referring to the anomalies who pop up one day and seem to have it all figured out, from a stellar reputation to a healthy flow of income. Yes, those types of “successful people” should be applauded, and know that they worked DAMN HARD to get where they are and it most definitely did not happen overnight. The success that I’m referring to is not a one size fits all. It’s finding the work-life balance you so desperately craved. Feeling the fire ignite inside of you when you wake up to attack the day. Loving the hustle and embracing the hustle. Whatever success looks like to you, enjoy the ride, because that is a feeling nobody can define for you.

Back to business plans and networking…

If you approach an IG influencer about how they got to where they are today, I highly doubt they will tell you it’s because of a carefully thought out, no nonsense business plan. We are in an ever changing, transformative time for business, no industry spared, that it is near impossible to keep up with all the ebbs and flows – that’s where industry specialists and consultants come in! (Expect a post on the who’s who of a scaling team soon!).

Now, I’m not knocking the business plan completely on its side, but I feel it has become the benched player in the game of start-ups and entrepreneurship. When intentionally starting out, it is important to, at the very least, know your strengths, what you have to offer, what your business purpose is and then identify who in your network can help you get there.

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