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COVID Resources...And Beyond!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Last update 4/2/20

COVID continues - we know, it’s probably the last word you want to be hearing - it’s literally all the world is talking about...

With that being said, HR professionals have really stepped up to the plate to ensure employees are well-informed, juggle all of the new laws and regulations, understand all of the exceptions with insurance benefits, taxes, etc. Oh, all while managing communications around furloughs, layoffs, reductions, possibly continuing to recruit in a volatile market and keeping remote employees engaged and morale as high as can be.

You get the picture ;)

There are a lot of resources out there unfortunately, some still require paid subscription access. We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t update our clients and partners with the “need to knows” during this time. Below, you will find a link to a generic FMLA Leave Expansion and Emergency Sick Leave Policy in response to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).

This policy is effective April 1, 2020 until the end of the year (December 31, 2020), or until further notice.

**Small businesses with fewer than 50 employees may qualify for exemption from the requirement to provide leave due to school closings or child care unavailability if the leave requirements would jeopardize the viability of the business as a going concern. Certain provisions may not apply to certain employers with fewer than 50 employees (Department FFCRA regulations expected April 2020).

Feel free to utilize this template or reach out with any questions.

We see you, and we want you to know, we’re all in this together!

**We will be updating this post with resources - including from our clients and partners - as they become available. If there is anything that you feel should be on this list, please let us know and we'll update it!**


Looking for the latest in emerging tax laws and compliance? My accountant is opening up his resource page to non-clients during this time (because he is amazing)! Check it out here.

Virtual Mental Health

I don’t know who needs to hear this but, you are strong. You are capable. You are doing a great job.

Chances are, you or someone you know struggles with anxiety, stress, or depression and these are generally magnified in times of uncertainty. Not to mention, the feeling of isolation. Right now, taking control of your mental health is more important than ever.

  • AbleTo, virtual behavioral healthcare

  • Blush, online life coaching

  • Psychology Today, find an online/phone counseling therapist

  • Ginger, on-demand access to behavioral health coaching, video therapy, video psychiatry and clinically-validated content that’s clinically proven to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression

  • Betterhelp, affordable private online counseling

WFH with SFH (Schooling From Home)

This is an odd time for all. For parents working from home with kiddos who are “schooling from home” you may find it difficult to balance. Here are some things that may help!

Also, it’s very important to keep the communication open with your team. If your kiddo was sent home schooling activities to do and you know that your attention will be limited, please make sure to let your manager and team know the situation so that they can work with you on the best solution.

General UI

Unemployment claims are through the roof right now so, if you plan on applying, you may receive a server error message. Just continue to check back every few hours (late night is probably best) and make sure you are applying on the correct day, coinciding with the first letter of your last name, when applicable.

Where applicable the unemployment systems have not updated their forms to mirror the new exceptions (hour reduction, independent contractor, freelancer, etc.) so just fill out the form to the best of your ability.

When choosing a reason for filing, look for COVID reasons that best align with your particular situation.

Once you submit a UI claim, make sure to file weekly claims (even if you did not get a confirmation of UI benefits yet) so that if/when you are approved, your pay can be backdated to the first time you filed a weekly claim.

NJ Unemployment

Unemployment Insurance (UI) FAQ.

Unemployed workers in NJ may be able to get the expanded $600 benefit starting next week, state says.

NY Unemployment

Unemployment insurance (UI) FAQ.

What do you need to know about the CARES Act? Up-to-date info here.

Wondering if you qualify for the Relief for Workers Affected by Coronavirus Act Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)? Check out this handy one sheeter!

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